The privacy of Alseham Perfumes Company and your privacy is one of the basic things that we are keen on. Therefore, we include the following points that summarize the basic principles on which the privacy of the company is based:

We ask every new user of Arrows Perfumes to carefully read the service agreement before filling out the application. Which are subject to the principles of good faith; Reference is made here to the principles and laws of the Internet and customs followed between citizens and users of the Internet.

Al Siham Perfumes is fully committed to ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of your use of its services, and it will take all appropriate measures to prevent others from contacting you without your consent. Please contact us immediately to report any case of abuse to the following email:
[email protected]

When filling out the application by any new user, the question is expressly asked about the information that is confidential or private; The main purpose of asking about this information is to enableAlseham Perfumes to contact subscribers and inform them of any new or additional services or any advertisements it deems appropriate for the user.

Alseham Perfumes will not use this information for purposes of an unlawful or illegal nature.

We ask each user to amend this information and update it when necessary. This can be done using the advice provided by the Alseham Perfumes Company website from time to time.

We will not disclose any of your transactions unless required by law from us or due to a lawsuit filed against us or to protect the rights of Alseham Perfumes or others, or in the case of paragraph VII below.

Alseham Perfumes Company enters into partnership and cooperation agreements with other companies that have a global reputation and have a prominent presence on the Internet. The main objective of these agreements is to add other services to the users of Alseham Perfumes Company, and therefore any exchange of information between us and these companies will not in any way affect the respect of Alseham Perfumes Company for the privacy of your correspondence and information. The company also takes adequate precautions to ensure that these prestigious companies respect the main principles on which the company is based, especially those related to the privacy of your correspondence and the information you provide to the company.

AlAlseham Perfumes Company takes the appropriate measures to store all information and correspondence through tight, protected, and confidential systems.

Alseham Perfumes Company’s system does not allow company employees to disclose the password to any user. In the event that the password is forgotten, the company sends a reminder with the password only.

Alseham Perfumes Company or any person involved in the preparation, production or distribution of any material on this site does not bear any responsibility for any direct or indirect material or moral damage