Who are we?

My strong attachment to perfumes stems from the experience of our ancestors from ancient times and inherited generation after generation with changing times and the development of ideas and modernity of technology
I loved amber from my grandmother. She was distinguished by this smell, and the smell of amber tied me to it, so memories take me to the beautiful days that I lived with her, She inherited from her grandmother.

And I liked the Taief roses and musk because the strength of my grandfather influenced me by his strong love for these oils. my grandfather loved luxury oils. And he has been known that he is in this place because of the strong fragrance of these wonderful oils.
I lived with this love for perfumes, I grew up with it, learned it, practiced it, and mastered it, and I wanted to share it with you to be with the fragrant past and the beauty of the present, and share the success of the future with it.

Alseham perfumes were established with the elite who are interested in the world of perfumes and they are highly experienced in choosing oils and the way to combine them and what goes along with the development of perfume industry and interest in choosing the best and most distinctive and unique fragrance oils and leave a special imprint for each perfume
In addition to a distinguished professional work team in managing the work in Al-Seham Perfumes Company, it is able with all its energies to develop current and future plans and create new ideas and with high skills, able to meet the demands of our customers with all professionalism and accuracy in the world of beautiful perfumes.
Together we build a beautiful aromatic world